Pensions & Annuities

We are living longer, and it is important to ensure you are financially secure during your retirement. With helpful financial advice, we can assist in making robust financial plans now to give you the peace of mind to enjoy your early retirement years.


Planning for your retirement is so important. See below descriptions of some of the options available to you:


Setting up a Personal Pension

Personal pensions may be suitable if you're employed and not in a company pension scheme, or as an addition to a company pension. You may also wish to set up a personal pension if you are self-employed or if you are not working but can afford to put aside money for retirement. We can facilitate this for you, following research into the most suitable provider and applicable investment strategy that meets your needs.


Consolidating your Pensions

You may have multiple pensions, from previous employers or personal, that you wish to combine into one single pension pot. We can carry out comparisons using third-party profilers to determine how switching your pensions to a new provider could lessen charges, and allow you to access facilities your previous providers couldn't offer. 


Taking Pension Benefits

You may be looking for advice on how to access the benefits in your pension, such as taking the tax-free 25% amount of your pension in a single lump sum or as phased flexible lump sums. We can advise on the most tax efficient way to access your pensions in a way that best suits your retirement needs.


Purchase an Annuity

Annuity rates are increasing. You can transfer your existing pensions to purchase a guaranteed annuity income for life, for both you and your partner/spouse, without concerns of investment loss.


Retirement Planning

Perhaps you are looking much further into the future and are curious how much you will need in retirement. We can produce a Retirement Income Model to determine how much you could retire on currently, when you could look to potentially retire, or see what the effect would be if you were to take your benefits early.

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