Personal Protection

We can research, advise and facilitate the set up of any insurance policies you require.


There are different types of protection policies available to cover you, as summarised below.


Whole of Life Assurance

This insurance is designed to ensure your spouse and/or dependents are covered, by paying out in the event of your death, whenever it occurs.

For more information on Whole of Life Assurance, Click Here.


Income Protection Insurance

If you are suddenly unable to work, this insurance is designed to replace a proportion of your income to support you until you return to work. This can be beneficial if your job does not supply a significant sick pay.

For more information on Income Protection Insurance, Click Here.


Critical Illness Cover

These policies are designed to pay out in the event that you are diagnosed with a specified critical illness, with the purpose of funding any changes you may need to make to your lifestyle as a result of the illness.

For more information on Critical Illness Cover, Click Here.


Mortgage Term Assurance

Mortgage Term Assurance is designed to pay off the remaining mortgage debt if you were to die within a set period. It helps to ensure that your dependents needn't worry about repaying the mortgage if you pass away.

For more information on Mortgage Term Assurance, Click Here.

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